Electrodeposited Diamond

Electrodeposited Diamond

The electrodeposited diamond tool is the tool manufactured by eletrodepositing diamond and CBN particles on the surface of metallic bodies. It has excellent grinding power as it has higher particle concentrativeness and bigger protrusion than resin or metal bonding products owing to it's lower surface abrasion.

1. It is also used for grinding of the parts with high abrasion resistance as it shows great anti-sliding performance as well as grinding and cutting force

2. The price level of this wheel is lower than resin bonded. metal bonded or vitreous bonded wheels, and small quality batch production is facilitated.


. It is well applicable to cutting of metallic, nonmetallic or other materials.

4. Especially, it enables manufacturing of the tool with any type of complex configuration as plating is applied after the processing of the metal part in wanted configuration

Application of the Electrodeposited Tools

materials to be grinded/cut Finished Products Electrodeposited Tools
Glass Lens, Clocks CT Wheel, Cutter, Core Drill
Ferrite, Carbon Motor Parts, Magnetic Heads S/T Wheel, Cutter
Ceramics, Silicon[Quarts] Electrode Holes S/T Wheel, Cutter
Asbestos Devices, Magnets S/T Wheel, Cutter
Rubber Brake Pads and Lings S/T Wheel, Cutter
Plastics, FRP Driving Rubber Bands S/T Wheel, Cutter
Semiconductor Helmets, Lenses S/T Wheel, Cutter
Sintered Carbide,
Heat Treated Steel
Electronic Part,
TV, Computer
S/T Wheel, Cutter
Stone Mold Cutter, Core Drill

Instructions for use

The performance of the electrodeposited tools highly depends on the manner of using.
The instructions below should be strictly foolowed.

1.Slide shaking
The shaking of the shank may seriously reduce the performance of the tool and shorten the life of the tool due to uneven wear. Be sure to maintain the side shake below 0.03mm when machines are installed.

2.Peripheral velocity of the grinding stone
The peripheral velocity of the grinding stone must be properly adjusted according to the material to be ground and grinding conditions

3. Cutting depth and feeding speed
The proper cutting depth and feeding speed must be applied according to the grain size of the grinding stone, type of the material to be processed, roughness of the surface to be ground and working conditions

4. Grindin lubricant
The type and amount of the grinding lubricant, and method of grinding must be properly selected as they affect greatly the life if the tool and the appearance of processed surface as well as precision and surface status of the material ground.
-Even though the dry grinding is acceptable, wet method [using grinding lubricant] is recommended

5. precise Installation
As diamond is easily broken or leaving by an impact, the diamond tool must be accurately installed to the axis of the machine. The maintenance must be carefully performed in terms of the shaking and vibraton of the spindle which may cause of abnormal abrasion

Information necessary when placing orders

1. Configuration and diamensions of the product: Various configurations and dimensions as well as standard type may be manufactured.

2. The material type of the abrasive grain: The abrasive grain is selected according to the material to be processed[Natural diamond, artificial diamond, CBN]

3. Grain size

4. Quantity

5. Others to be considered in product design
- Nave of the machine, type of the grinding stone, rpm of the main axis, cutting depth, left and right feeding and front back feeding speed
- Working method[wet or dry] material to be processed, configuration of the material to be processed, required surface roughness.

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